~ Teaching : Acid and base ~

Subject : Chemistry

Topic : Acid And Base

Learning Objectives :

  1. To state the meaning the acid and base
  2. To differentiate the physical properties of acid and base
  3. To State the use of acid and base in daily life

In order to achieve the learning objectives, me use this instructional learning model to guide teachning and learning process.

The ASSURE Model

A: Analyse Learners : Before begin the learning process, teacher get to know who are the target audience

  1. General Characteristic : Form Four, 16years old girl and boys student, Various of ethnic group,  Most of students lack of social interaction, pasive
  2. Specific Entry Competencies : Students only have poor prior knowledge about acid and base, students do not have experimental skill to differentiate acid and base like using litmus paper and pH meter,
  3. Learning Style : Experimental, Verbal, Logical, Structured

S: State Objective : There is a guide to state objective using ABCD’s

  1. Audience :  Form 4 of Science class
  2. Behaviour to be demonstrated : acid and base properties
  3. Conditions under with behaviour will be observed : during a simple quiz at the end of the class
  4. Degree to which the learned skills are to be mastered : Expert and able to do the experiment to differentiate between  acid and base using the right techniques

Form 4 science class students will be able doing the experiment of acid and base to investigate about acid and base properties using the right technique and will be able to answer a simple quiz regarding the experiment in the end of the class.

S : Select instructional methods, media and materials

Teacher will have a clear idea of what they should get out of the lesson, then teacher is ready to select the media to use for the lesson. In order to do this experiment, teacher will provide materials and apparatus for this experiment. To make it more interesting, teacher can allow students to bring any items that they know are having the properties of acid or base like oranges, coffee, soap, and toothpaste. Teacher will provide lime juice, soap, litmus paper and pH meter.

In addition, teacher also can show a video in example of proper experiment demonstration. Still picture and chart about pH level according the acidity also can support learning. Metrials use are, overhead projector, computer, printer, transparency paper and cardbod.

U : Utilize media and materials

Teacher will make sure that her instructional materials are suitable and working the best, so teacher can and then use it in the classroom. In this experiment, teacher will make sure, litmus paper and pH meter are in well conditioned. Teacher need to make the lime and oranges juice before the experiment session. In order to show the level of pH and acidity, teacher need to prepare a complete chart on the transparency paper and make sure the OHP is worked. The meaning and differences between acid and base can be shown using mind map on a cardbod.

R: Require learner participation

After the teaching and learning process we need to evaluate and revise the process. Evaluate the method that we use eitheir it working or not. Working in this context is either  the method that we use in achieve the objective or not.


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